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Geographic Targeting Website for Visitors and Google
Geo targeting is a very important factor to consider with regard to ensuring that your website is optimised for your target audience, which will also ensure that you achieve best search results for your website. Google provides search results that are geographically targeted and matched to where the user is based, so if your target customer is UK based then your website should use UK Website Hosting

Google provided an update to the advice for website owners and Geo targeting websites (June 2012)


The advice from Google is that website owners should check and if necessary edit the Geographic region settings in Google Webmaster Tools.

The geographic factors that will affect search results can be summarised as below:

Domain name
Hosting location
Geographic target setting in Google Webmaster Tools

The ideal sitaution for a UK Business would be to use a UK country domain name together with UK based website hosting. Similar advice would apply for 'your country' based business and 'your country' based website.

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We also offer UK Website Maintenance Service, which includes checking and updating your website settings in Google Webmaster Tools.