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Email Services

ZENON UK Hosting email services include: Standard Mailbox 400MB, Premium Mailbox 2GB and Exchange Mailbox 10GB with enterprise level spam filtering and virus scanning, and a free copy of Outlook 2010 are also included.

Email Standard Mailbox 400MB

Personal email addresses for individuals and small business.
Included when you host your website with ZENON. A mail box stores mail on our server until you download it using an email client like Outlook Express or Windows mail. Our mail servers support POP3 and IMAP. You can store up to 400MB of mail in a regular ZENON hosting mail box.

Email Premium Mailbox 2GB storage

Suitable for small business.
Upgrade an existing Standard Mailbox to a Premium Mailbox with 2GB of storage for just £10 per year.

Email Exchange Mailbox 10GB + Outlook 2010

Email for those who mean business. Plus the tools you need for productive teamwork.
An Exchange mailbox keeps you connected wherever you go, thanks to a 10GB capacity, free mobile device support and Outlook Web Access (webmail). Enterprise level spam filtering and virus scanning, and a free copy of Outlook 2010 are also included, making Exchange the most comprehensive email solution available. Outlook 2010 provides you with a rich email interface, full forwarding and autoresponder features, along with individual and shared calendars, contact lists, and task lists.

Please note: If you already have a standard mailbox that you wish to upgrade to Exchange, you will need to delete it first.

Exchange mail boxes are great value as well! Just £10 each per month or £100 each per year

Coordinate employee schedules with shared calendars
Work with email programs you already use, like Outlook®
Manage group projects with document collaboration tools
Sync your email, contacts, calendars and tasks so you can work remotely, anywhere, anytime