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Domain Name Privacy Opt Out

Domain Name Owner - Personal Details
As a domain name owner you are required to provide contact information so that other Internet users can contact you if needed. This information is often referred to as the WHOIS information. Unfortunately this information is regularly used to send unsolicited emails (spam) or could be used by competitors or other third parties to find out your address and contact information.

The good news is that we are able to protect this information for you using our domain name privacy product. For just £6 per year we will protect your real identity in the domain WHOIS databases by providing generic contact information using our domain name identity-secured.com. So rather than your address, your phone number and your name being displayed, all they see is identity-secured.com.

You can order Domain Privacy on any .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz or .name domain name.

UK Domain Name - Registrant (owner)
The registration and renewal of UK domain names requires the inclusion and display of domain registrant contact details, these details are required by NOMINET who are the organisation responsible for managing UK domain names. At present domain name owners cannot opt out of displaying persaonal details as domain registrant (owner).